Sunday School classes are vital to help us work together to accomplish the mission of Liberty Baptist Church.

Small groups, Sunday School and Prayer Groups exist to offer a place for people to deepen relationships, encourage, pray for and grow in faith together. Join a group today to be in community with others at Liberty Baptist Church.

Sunday School Classes

Pairs & Spares

Ministry Center, 2nd Floor
Led by: Kent Hancock

Open to all | Topical Bible Study

Kingdom Heirs

Ministry Center, Room 209
Led by: Jim Searcy

Open to all | A multiple teach rotation. They love to fellowship with coffee and desserts before studying.

Bass & Camo

Led by: Jim Johnson

Men | The BASS (Brother Actively Seeking Souls) and CAMO (Caring and Ministering to Others) class is established to connect men who love the outdoors, especially hunting and fishing, and bonding them to Christ and to each other.


Grace & Peace

Room 205
Led by: Phillip Moore

Open to all | Expository Study

Adult 2

Room 201
Led by: Johnny Canada

Open to all | Teacher-led discussion following the Sunday Morning Sermon Series

Adult 3

Room 203
Led by: Aileen Ferguson

Ladies | Explore the Bible


Adult 6

Room 202
Led by: Edna Carson

Ladies | A close group of ladies who love and care for each other deeply.

Adult 8

Fidelis Room
Led by: Carroll Goodrich

“Mixed Oldies” | Explore the Bible curriculum

Golden Blend

Ministry Center, Room 210
Led by: Darrell Puckett

Open to all | Topical Bible Study


The Journey

Fellowship Hall
Led by: Susie Shade

Open to All | A ladies class devoted to studying God’s Word, encouraging and reaching other ladies in our community.

New Believers

Room 204
Led by: Morag Waters

Open to All | For people who want to read the Bible, verse by verse.


Room 301
Led by: Shana Canada

Women | The Heart-to-Heart class is for women who have a heart/desire for mentorship and discipleship.


Wise Homebuilders

Room 206/207
Led by: Larry Shorter

Couples | A class dealing with marriage, parenting, and your own Christian life.

College & Career

Ministry Center, Room 208
Led by: Ishmael LaBiosa

College & Young Adult | Devoted to developing your relationship with Christ.

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